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If you would like a paper copy of the information on our website please email

We actively encourage regular contact between parents and Crew Leaders as this relationship is essential for ensuring success in the years to come.

Please add to the following to email the relevant teacher:

Mr Portman (Head of XP/XP East) –  jportman

Mr Sprakes (Teacher / X22 Crew Leader) – asprakes

Miss Hannam (Teacher / X26 Crew Leader) – shannam

Mr Nixon (Teacher / X26 Crew Leader) – jnixon

Miss Jones (Teacher / X26 Crew Leader) – eljones

Mr Robins (Teacher / X26 Crew Leader) – mrobins

Mrs Cunningham (Learning Coach / X25 Crew Leader) – pcunningham

Mrs Burnitt (Learning Coach / X25 Crew Leader) – cburnitt

Miss O’Grady (Learning Coach / X25 Crew Leader) – cogrady

Mrs Cross (Teacher / X25 Crew Leader) – hcross

Miss Cocliff (Learning Coach/ X24 Crew Leader) – mcocliff

Mr Campbell (Teacher / X24 Crew Leader) – rcampbell

Mr Walker (Teacher / X24 Crew Leader) – jwalker

Mrs Burns (Learning Coach / X23 Crew Leader) – kburns

Miss Robinson (Teacher / X23 Crew Leader) – srobinson

Mr Jackson (Teacher / X23 Crew Leader) – ajackson

Mr Shakesby (Teacher / X22 Crew Leader) – pshakesby

Mrs Goddard (Teacher / X22 Crew Leader) – agoddard

Mrs Batty (Teacher / X22 Crew Leader) – bbatty

Mrs Sprakes (Teacher / X22 Crew Leader) – nsprakes

Mr Said (Teacher) –  msaid

Mr Voltaire (Teacher) – mvoltaire

Mrs Vayro (Teacher) – gvayro

Mrs Mawby (Learning Coach / X24 Crew Leader) – nmawby

Mrs Johnson (Learning Coach) – rjohnson

Miss Liversidge (Learning Coach) – vliversidge

Mr Green (Lab Technician) – mgreen

Mr Elliott (Teacher) – jelliott

Mrs Green (Careers) – dgreen

Mrs Butler (SENCO / Teacher) – kbutler

Mrs Collinson (Teacher) – vcollinson

Mrs Pulham (Learning Coach) – rpulham

Mrs Robins (Learning Coach) krobins

Mrs ap Harri (Crew Leader) kapharri

Mrs McCarthy (Teacher) smccarthy

Mrs Wilmot (Teacher) swilmot

Mr Mably (Learning Coach) jmably