Covid19 update from our meeting with Public Health Doncaster

Andy Sprakes and I had a meeting with Public Health Doncaster and representatives from Doncaster Local Authority yesterday afternoon in order to discuss the cases of Covid19 in our schools. 

Due to the current situation, Public Health Doncaster has advised us to implement the following measures:

  • All students and staff (except those who are exempt) should wear face masks in communal spaces such as corridors, toilets, dining areas etc (the wearing of face masks is voluntary in classroom situations.)
  • Students are also encouraged to wear face masks on their way to school, particularly if they are using public transport. The Stronger Communities Team have offered their support in the local area to encourage students to follow this guidance whilst they are waiting at bus stops.

The above are in addition to the measures that we already have in place in response to increased infections:

  • Daily testing of Y8/X27 students for 10 days ending on 16th September
  • Testing all other students twice per week for 10 days ending on the 16th September
  • A request that parents maintain the testing of students at home via testing kits that school have provided.

Overall, Public Health Doncaster have suggested a graduated approach which may lead to other measures being implemented in the future. However, positive Covid19 cases have recently significantly reduced, and we will continue to monitor the situation as closely as possible.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Jamie Portman.

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