Crew Attenborough nearly at the end of Year 10!

Am a very proud Crew Leader this week with Zack in crew Attenborough and his twin Logan taking part in a charity bike ride raising money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital by cycling 40 miles between football stadiums along with a group of fundraisers. The boys raised over £600 between the 2 of them which will make a massive difference to the hospital and the children who will benefit from the kindness and generosity of the boys and their sponsors. What a fantastic achievement from them. Was lovely being a part of the send off team on their epic journey. They can also benefit from being able to use the volunteering and physical as part of their Duke of Edinburgh award, which XP are supporting by encouraging students in finding different ways of achieving their goals while socially distancing.

James in our crew has also been fundraising, carrying out 30 minutes of exercise for 30 days in an effort to raise money for a charity that supports families living through breast cancer. He’s already raised his target but still going. Well done James and again all towards your DofE.

As we near the end of the year please encourage your student to keep going and dig deep, COVID 19 might keep us apart but we will always be together as Crew.

Today has been about reflection for me as Crew Leader of Attenborough. 5 years ago I started at XP and as part of that I did a staff outward bound followed by an expedition. I then had to write a speech about who I wanted to be at XP, I hope I have done my best for my students but most of all for my Crew, I hope they are as proud of me as I am of them.

“Having debated the question of whether we are important in the grand scale of things, it is my belief that although we are here at XP School; on a tiny planet in a vast universe, we can still choose to make a difference, we can still choose to be significant. In our ability to make education something to be enjoyed, embraced and proud of, we can fill our students with that same joy of learning and a deep understanding of whatever subject matter they encounter; because we as educators are now making the same journey.

Dr Kurt Reinhardt had a motto “Grow to be what you are.” This I have now done, so my dream job when I grow up has become a reality, and I have discovered that I am the sort of educator and the person inside who works best alongside my new family of inspiring colleagues and students, at XP School, in collaboration with leaders and members of the community, to educate each other, in order to produce courageous and respectful young adults, who are ready to take on the next challenge that life has in store. I am proud to be part of this school, I am proud to be Crew XP.


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