Crew Berger – Beautiful Work

Crew Berger have produced some lovely work over the last few weeks.  Checking the work tracker shows that Laura, Henry and Abi have been making progress and checking in regularly with most of their subjects.  Jac has been doing really well, working hard in all his subjects and he also produced this beautiful piece of artwork which was selected for the school’s online Art gallery this week!

Rex has been the stand out member of our academic crew over the last month.  He has been consistently completing tasks set across all his subjects and our tracker shows that he’s handed in every single piece of work that’s been set!  That’s a fantastic effort from one of our hardest working students!

Speaking of hard work – Isaac has been learning new skills in lockdown and seems to be heading for a career as a lumberjack…

Crew Berger don’t really go in for motivational quotes, or ‘Cat Posters’ as Rex and Jac call them, but we do occasionally listen to a motivational song.  So don’t forget to listen to Egg Sandwich at least once a week crew, to keep your spirits up and to remind you that being a bit daft sometimes is important too.

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