Crew Blessed Xpionage

On the first day back after the New Year we pulled names out of a hat to spy on that person doing good things.

The comments below were made by a secret person from our Crew…


Ebony’s behaviour in PE has improved and she didn’t have to stay in.


He worked hard in HUMAN.


Cejay worked hard in Mr Sprakes’ lesson and his work was shown to the class.


Cain has worked very hard in all his lessons this week. He has contributed to work in maths by putting up his hand to answer questions. In HUMAN, when we were doing partner work he helped the people around him and caused no distractions in class. Cain shows compassion to those around him by helping others in lessons.


Alana worked really hard in HUMAN with Mr Sprakes, trying her hardest to complete the task. She also tried in maths and was very well behaved. in PE on Friday morning she was very well behaved.


Staying quiet about something I told him about.


Lighting up peoples day constantly, for example one afternoon someone was feeling down so he started dancing and singing and made it a whole lot more fun.


He was consistently good in all lessons.


Worked very hard in all sessions this week.


He had done work well and was kind. He got 100 PERCENT ON HIS MATHS TEST WELL DONE OSCAR *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*


Working hard in all lessons and helping everyone if they needed it.


I saw her helping other people in lessons.  She’s been very good. 👏👏👏👏

This positivity has really helped to reboot Crew and set us up for a positive term!

[Blog post written and compiled by Alana & Ebony]

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