Crew Bronte Hangout…

Last week saw the launch of the final expedition for X22 , ‘Once in a Lifetime”, which will culminate in X22’s first, and I must say very unique book, “How we Did XP”. This will reflect upon X22’s journey at XP, and comment on this unusual time in all of our lives.

Well done to Oliwia for completing the Immersions tasks, and being well on her way to the first writing task, a reflection of five years of Crew.

It’s not all work though, for the last two weeks we’ve checked in with a game of “alphabetti spaghetti”, last week naming fruit and vegetables that start with a letter of the alphabet, starting with A and ending at Z. Joel was the supreme winner, with Katie in second place! This week, we chose animals as the challenge. Joel won again, with myself in second place. Have you ever heard of a Xolo? It’s a mexican hairless dog (the dog in Coco)…cute or one of a kind, what do you think?



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