Crew Bronte – hasta la vista – not adios!

Today marks Year 11’s last official day at XP. Not quite the goodbye any of us envisaged, but over the last week I asked Crew to send me a memory from our time together. Here is what they said…

Katie – My favourite crew memory is when we all met for the first time and did all the great activities together in Wales and how we all grew from there.

Noah – the massive game of Jenga we all played in Year 9, those mystery liquids Joel brought in for the end of Year 8/9 and just the whole of Wales.

Lannie – Year 10 sports day is probably one of the best memories for me, all of the cheer and excitement of everyone was so overwhelming and memorable.

Mr Sprakes – definitely Duke of Edinburgh! Watching all of you arriving back on the second day of your Bronze practice in Year 9, soaking wet but smiling! This was the first time I felt part of Crew Bronte.

Mrs Sprakes – our second Outward Bound at Hatfield at the start of Year 8. We’ve never had much luck with the weather on our Outward Bounds, but that second day was ridiculously wet…and none of us, me included, had zipped up our tents! I can’t really repeat or re-enact some of the grumpy / angry / astounded words and faces that day!

Here are some blasts from the past!



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