Crew CBU Working Hard!

This week crew have been working really hard.

On Mindful Monday we each gave another member of crew their certificate from Outward Bound. When giving the crew member their certificate we added why they deserve their certificate and how they have shown the XP character traits- some comments included students showing great courage to sleep in a tent and walk up a mountain to compassion for supporting other crew members when they were homesick.

On Tranquil Tuesday we started our crew book ‘Kit’s Wilderness’. It was fantastic to read as a crew and get an idea of what crew think the book is about. A special shout out to Pixie, Mylah, Bradlie, Kayden and Kiera for fantastic reading!

The rest of the week we have looked at praise and conduct (Well done Kayden for having the most praises so far!) and completed pledges for our crew wall to hold each other accountable and help become the best version of ourselves. Some pledges included ‘making sure I am on time to session’ and ‘completing all my extended study within the timescale’.

Well done crew- keep up the good work

Mrs Burnitt

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