Crew get together!

I am so proud of Crew Rosa Parks. They have adapted so well to all the changes that have recently taken place. Working from home can be challenging but Crew have blown me away with their work ethic. Fabulous! Keep it up.

Yesterday we had our first Google hangout, it was lovely to see and hear everyone. It was great to hear the enthusiasm and laughter. I am glad it was such a success that we have agreed to have two video check ins per week. Every Monday and every Friday. 100% participation would be great and is expected. Our check in yesterday was …….if Monday was a colour what colour would it be? A range of colours came out but they were predominately dark. I wonder why??

Crew have been great with our check in doc too. It is sent out on a daily basis.

Again, I am saying well done Crew Rosa Parks. I am very proud. Just a quick reminder If Crew or Parents/Carers have any questions or need to contact me, send me an email and I will get in touch.

Stay well, stay safe and wash your hands!!


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