Crew Hahn reap the benefits of Saluting the Sun

As part of our continued focus in crew on wellbeing and things we can do to have a more positive impact on our mental health we started this morning by ‘saluting the sun’. This is a flow of yoga poses & stretches that focus on breathing and self awareness.

Before we took part in the activity we did a purposeful check in where I asked everyone to use a maximum of 3 words to describe how they feel. This was their list:


Tired, happy, Cold


Tired & Sleepy


Tired and anxious

Tired and cold

Tired and cold

tired and cold

Pleased, tired and disappointed


Tired, emotional and annoyed


We then completed the activity by doing the yoga poses and stretches 5 times. The final 2 times were lead by Tom who seemed to have a really good grasp of directing the flow and sequences of the activity.


After we completed it we sat back in our circle and I asked them again to use a maximum of 3 words to describe how they feel now.

This was theIr list in the same order:


Happy and tired




Tired and relaxed



tired but less cold

A bit calmer


Tired (and in pain from stubbing toe)


As you can see overall there was a positive impact from engaging in the activity, where previously most of crew commented on being cold, tired and sleepy to now feeling more awake, less cold and more relaxed.


As a crew we decided that we’d be happy to try other methods of relieving stress and anxiety during our crew sessions.

p.s I tried to take some photos but they were having non of it!

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