Crew Kurt Hahn welcomes ‘Kurt Hand’!

In crew since we have come back after the Christmas break we have been focusing on the character trait ‘Respect“. It’s really important that we learn to listen as well as we are expected to use our voice. By actively listening to others shows that person respect, confidence, a sense of belonging and to be as important as everyone else in the circle.

However in Hahn this is something we weren’t doing too well last term so we needed to bring in protocols to help us improve on this. To help prompt and remind us not to talk at inappropriate times we are using a protocol where we can only speak when we have hold of a chosen item. For a while we were doing this using my mug. This seemed to be working so I decided we needed something that didn’t stop me drinking my morning coffee…

So, welcome Kurt Hand…!

Kurt Hand is a (clean) sock / hand  puppet. Members of crew can only take their turn to speak when they are using the puppet. If they want to speak we have to ask for the puppet. This should help remind us about respecting others and allowing everyone time to use their voice.

Kurt Hand spent the session this morning getting to know his crewbies and can be seen here with Sam.

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