Crew Mac Gets a Guest Blogger!!!

Crew Macmillan have again impressed me this week. Most have been really consistent with academic work, and are hitting those deadlines.

A special mention to Archie, Alfie, Imogen, Joe, Heather, Harrison and Milo –  who have a 100% hand in work rate this week! Great stuff, guys, i’m impressed!


This week also saw our first Crew Hangout with 100% attendance. 16 people in one hangout! Amazing stuff. Our check in this week was “did you have a teddy/blanket when you were a baby that you still have now?’ Most of crew were actually able to show us their baby items, which was adorable – my favourite had to be Milo’s shark, or Ricki’s build-a-bear that talks – a message that Ricki recorded when he was 4!!!


Some of crew have also received mentions this week for their work in HUMS. A shout out to Ricki, Imogen, Alfie and Finn!

Heather has also been busy this week, baking again! After lockdown, it wouldn’t surprise me if Heather changed her mind about a future career, or entered GBBO!  Great work, Heather!

This week, after 1:1 academic check ins, I had a conversation with Alfie about how he’s been keeping himself busy. So without further ado, our guest blogger this week is Alfie. Here’s what he came up with:

With the current pandemic sweeping the world and forcing us to stay at home, most of us have found ways to keep busy and entertain ourselves. I have taken this time to start painting – something I have wanted to do for a long time, but could never find the opportunity.

The main medium I work with is watercolour paint. I like using them as they allow more room for abstract subjects, and it allows me to paint without worrying about getting it picture-perfect. Watercolour is also more natural in my opinion, which is why I chose to paint wildlife with them. 

I started off initially painting butterflies – I liked the symmetry and vibrant colours, which were easier to transfer to paint. I then expanded to other insects, such as moths and eventually hornets. I later experimented with other animals, mainly sea creatures such as the nautilus.

In future, I want to be able to paint flowers, and other animals such as lions or birds. Each type of animal needs the use of certain techniques to look realistic, for example I would have to practice painting feathers before I paint birds.

Painting is a very time consuming hobby, which, to be honest, is what makes it ideal for the current situation. However, it also teaches the importance of patience, and how taking your time when working on something can really pay off. 

I hope I am able to continue this hobby – even when things get back to normal – and encourage you to give it a try. It’s immensely rewarding, and with practice, you’ll only get better and better!

Alfie Lockey”


How have you been keeping yourself busy during lockdown? Let us know – this may become a permanent blog feature!

Have a fantastic week, guys  – keep working super hard!

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