Crew Macmillan’s 2021!

What a term 1B has been!!!! I started my new role as phase lead for X24 in November, when we returned to school – and it feels like a lifetime ago!!!

Crew Macmillan have had a fantastic term, yet again!!!! As we left for the Christmas holidays, I decided to take a look back on some of the things we’ve done this year – from January 2021 to now. Take a look at some of the memories below – from year 10, to year 11 – we must take lots of crew photos now! This is a real challenge when crew hate having their photos taken!!!!

Remember WAY back in March, we did a sponsored crew walk for Macmillan (even with Ricki’s broken foot?!) – and raised £135 from Captain Tom’s 100 challenge?!
… and as the summer term ended, we enjoyed a lovely crew breakfast! (until Mr V stole all the pancakes!)

And after the breakfast, we took on the inflatable obstacle course. The royal we – I definitely didn’t have a go!!!

Finn’s method…
Courtney’s method..
Archie took a similar approach!

We also spent some time on fieldwork this year, visiting (most memorably!) Shrewsbury Prison as part of our expedition ‘Karma Police’ – where we learned more about prison conditions (and prison officers!) through a number of centuries!

Frankie, Imogen and Isaac looking the part!

When we’d just escaped our cell! The wardens were scary here!!!

..they even had Frankie in the stocks!!!! 🤭

And we put Ricki to good use fixing some things around school!

And then we moved on to Year 11. We’ve continued to power on through uncertainty surrounding COVID – with some of crew having to isolate, and then come back in, and then more members of crew isolating – it’s been a whirlwind!! But we have managed to squeeze in tonnes of stuff since beginning year 11…

… Like a crew hike in Flamborough – when we finally made it after a bus breakdown – remember Miss C falling over? Haha!!!
Vinnie looks INCREDIBLY impressed…
And by this point, Heather was sick of me taking photos!!!

We completed STAR reader tests… and our weekly Monday crew room degunge!

Star reader tests – look at the concentration!
The boys do a fantastic job of sorting our class packs every week!
More class pack sorting…

…And the results!

And then we moved towards Christmas. With a little encouragement, crew started to get into the festive spirit…having a singalong to Christmas music, and working together (with Mr Danks) to put up our tiny Christmas Tree!!! (which I obviously FORGOT to take a finished photo of!!!)

It’s been a truly wonderful year with Crew Macmillan, and I feel so privileged to be their crew leader.

I can’t wait to see what we achieve as crew in the next few months! Merry Christmas, and a Happy new year, crew. All the best for 2022!

Miss C x

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