Crew MRO – A successful week!

It’s been a productive week for Crew MRO this week, completing some beautiful work, having a successful Google Hangout, checking in daily and generally just getting on with things in a positive way. Well done Crew.

Here is an example of some of the great work done this week by Ebony…

Download (PDF, 22KB)

Well done to Liam who has pretty much completed all the work that has been sent to him.

The Crew Google Hangout was fun and Mr Robins is just about getting used to chatting on video calls!

Some interesting check-in comments too this week…

  • Would you rather win £1,000,000 as a one off amount OR £50,000 a year for the rest of your life? Why, how would you spend it?

50k cos u don’t have to work for the money and you can pay for your pension easier when u get old

50,000 x 20 = 1,000,000 so you would have to wait 20 years for 1,000,000 but I would still get 50,000

1mill because then if I die I’ve still had chance to spend some of it

I would rather 50,000 Because with my job I will be a millionaire so with the 50,000 I am going to donate it to the air ambulance charity every year

  • What have you done as an act of kindness for someone in the last few weeks (since we’ve been at home, no matter how small)?

I emptied the dishwasher

i’m forced to empty the dishwasher whenever its done… anyway i helped making dinner

Cheered my best mate up

I set up the dinner table for my family

  • Where will be one of the first places you will go or visit (other than school) when the lockdown ends?

Toby Carvery for a breakfast

Maldives because we couldn’t go in July


Well done Crew, a great week with lots achieved. Keep it up and stay safe.

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