Crew Rosa Parks, fabulous week!

Crew Rosa Parks have had a busy week again. We have a wide range of activities that have been undertaken at home. There has also been some beautiful work submitted. A huge shout out here to Guraaj , Georgia and Holly, the recipients of this weeks praise postcards. These 3 girls received these because of how hard they work, the beauty of their work and their work ethic. Well done!

As a Crew we have a daily morning Crew check in activity where we all add our responses (me included) to a shared doc. The check ins range from, Where would you like to be right now? If you were a book what would the title be? What are you missing the most right now? and If you were a breed of dog what breed would you be and why?

One of the check ins that has stood out the most this week for me is What are you grateful for? The responses are beautiful and thought provoking. Crew are grateful for their family, life, love and laughter. They are grateful for home, the sunshine and having a garden to go out in to. They are grateful for technology so that they can talk to family and see them. They are also grateful for their parents who are supporting them and helping them with their work and their emotions. Wow!!

We have two google hangouts a week, one on a Monday at 11am and one on a Friday at 11.30am. Attendance has been fantastic. Here are Crew doing what they do best…..talking!!

We all enjoy these times to catch up where we can actually see each other too.

The busy bees in Crew have still been sharing lots of activities they are doing at home. 

Callum is our gardener!

Elijah is our cook this week! Home made egg fried rice from scratch.


Harry is our performing artist and our beautiful artist too!

Watch out Elton John!!

Well done everyone. Keep all these activities going.

A quick reminder that after our Crew Google hangout on Mondays there will be a regular X25 HUMS hangout too. Stay focused on your work and keep submitting it. Don’t forget the deadline for your HUMS Immersion work is Friday 1st May.

Work hard, Get smart, Be kind & Stay safe.

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