Crew Rosa Parks in lockdown.

Crew Rosa Parks have had another great week. There have been two birthdays, Sareena and Mrs C that were celebrated in a fun way. Virtual bingo took place……………Congratulations Elijah on your win!! Virtual charades was so funny, Fin miming Shrek, Andrew miming Forest Gump, with a wig as props courtesy of his Mum, Georgia gave us food for thought with her Harry Potter mime and there were many more superb mimes. Everyone was brilliant and it went really well. We will do it again for Rileys birthday.

The week has been busy work wise too, over half of Crew Rosa Parks have been awarded with Beautiful work for their Humanities work. Well done. I am really proud of the calibre of the work that is getting handed in. You are so on it Crew!!

We have had some more front covers shared for the Book of Memories that Crew are doing. They are superb. Thank you Elijah, Guraaj and Andrew.

Elijah has also been working on his nature section of the book.

He has shared what he can see in his garden and what he can see through his window.

A big shout out to Callum who 2 weeks ago was our gardening expert. He seems to be able to turn his hand to anything because this week he is showcasing his cooking skills.

A reminder that it is now the 2 week break for Crew, please don’t stop sharing the wonderful photos of the things that you are doing during half term, I love to see them and share them. Most of all though stay safe.

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