Crew Stan Lee – Week 12 and working harder than ever!

Great crew hangout this week,

I would like to praise crew for being consistently great at attending crew hangout every week, and if not being able to make it, letting me know via email. I really appreciate this guys.

Kian did a great crew check-in with guess the emoji movie, it was great fun and everyone did really well.

This week I would really like to reflect on the amazing work being produced weekly by crew and I have a few special mentions.

Jacob has completed all work set by expedition teachers, even finding time during the 2 week break to catch up and complete all music work set.

Frankie has worked so hard, not only during working from home but before that, Frankie you are a SUPER STUDENT!

Millie has been so conscientious always asking me if she needs to do anything else. Millie even made herself a work schedule so she didn’t miss deadlines. Millie always shows such integrity.

Beth’s Craftsmanship and Quality is second to none her work is always beautifully presented and with great content, Beth goes above and beyond on every expedition and I couldn’t be prouder to have her in my crew!

Meadow has shown great resilience during this unprecedented time, although things were tough at the beginning, Meadow has never given up and she has got lot’s of work completed and handed in.

Lacie shows great courage by asking for support if needed and completing all work set by expedition teachers. Lacie’s work in humanities has been beautiful and she always meets her deadlines.

Jessica has also shown great resilience during this time, it was really tough to begin with but Jess has worked really hard to get work completed and handed in. It shows great courage to ask for support and I am a very proud crew leader.

This is week 12 of learning from home and I feel Crew Stan Lee are doing an amazing job, I am one proud crew leader.

Keep up the great work.

Thank you Crew!

Mrs Pulham


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