D6 begins this Saturday for Year 11


D6 is our voluntary sixth day of school which will take place each Saturday during term time. D6 is led by ex-students of XP who are returning to provide our current students with peer to peer academic study support. There will be additional support from our school learning coaches and members of the Leadership Team. Existing students will be able to come into school on a voluntary basis on a Saturday morning from 10.00-12.00 each week to access this additional support.

The long-term plan is to open this up to students in all year groups, but in light of the recently announced lockdown, we are currently only extending this invitation to students in Year 11 as an additional layer off ‘catch-up’ support in response to the previous lockdown. Whilst we understand that there may be some concerns around coming into school on a weekend in the current lockdown, we feel it is justified in light of ensuring our students are able to access the education and additional support they deserve. Therefore, all Year 11 students are welcome at XP from this Saturday 7th November. Sessions will usually begin at 10.00 until 12.00 for the time being.

Appropriate risk assessments and protocols around safe and hygienic working have been prepared, and we will ensure that rooms used in the school have been sanitised before and after use. Refreshments will also be provided.

We hope students in Year 11 can join us this Saturday! If there are any questions or concerns please email Mr Voltaire  at mvoltaire@xpschool.org.

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