Dragons Do Exist

This week during our crew session we thought back to Wales and the time that has passed whilst we have been at XP. We couldn’t believe that this time last year, we were all getting ready to start our journey together! It was surprising to think how the quickly the time has gone…

We did an all important check-in with each other to see what everyone has been up to. Asha has been keeping up with her gymnastics, meeting her group online for practice every few days, and Oscar has been doing the same with his martial arts.

Ava has been getting creative once again, and has started her own business venture, customising fashion pieces to sell on — I’m sure you’ll see me rocking the latest line when we’re back at school!

William and Maddie have both been spending lots of time with family, celebrating birthdays or playing games with siblings, which seems more important now than ever.

Speaking of birthdays, it was Kristian’s birthday on Saturday so a big


is definitely in order. He said he had a great day and enjoyed celebrating with his family and his bearded dragon.

Yes, dragon’s do exist — here is Jeffrey, Kristian’s bearded dragon, as proof:

Anyway, stay safe Crew JNI and enjoy the bank holiday!

Crew is at 1:30 every Wednesday.

Mr Nixon will also be emailing out at the start of next week for hangouts to help go through any work that has been missed.

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