Extreme Weather Update

I am sure you are all aware that the Met Office has issue the first ever RED extreme heat warning for Monday 18 July and Tuesday 19 July, as temperatures will build this weekend and early next week for
much of England and Wales.

As a school we will be following government guidance:
● Avoiding outside sports and activities
● Reducing break times outside and eliminating them altogether if we feel the need when we assess the heat and amount of shade on the day
● Continuing to ventilate classrooms as much as possible including opening windows and doors earlier in the morning
● Moving lessons to the downstairs floors of our school buildings wherever possible
● low intensity PE sessions only will take place on these days
● Children will continue to have the opportunity to fill water bottles

Where we are able to have fans in classrooms we will do so to support the ventilation

We ask you to support for the rest of the term by:
● Encouraging your children to wear loose fitting, light coloured and comfortable clothing which supports them to keep cool
● Ensuring your children apply sun cream before attending school and have sun cream to reply if they need to;
● Ensure your children have sun hats
● Encourage your children to bring their water bottles

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