Grand Designs Book

The Grand Designs book launched on Saturday at the Potteric Carr Springwatch event is now available to order online and in school.

This book was the final product of the year 7 expedition Grand Designs last year where students investigated ‘What in nature inspires us?’ and ‘Is there a design to nature?’. The book is a collection of the work students have done on the different species that exist at Potteric Carr Nature Reserve. Each student had to write a first person narrative, a fact file and produce a lino print on the species they were given which produced this amazing book.

You can now buy this book on our online shop or pop into school to purchase your copy. The lino prints that appear in the book can also be ordered and will be displayed in a decorative mount.

A price list is shown below

Grand Designs book: £9.95 collection from school or £12.95 posted to anywhere in the UK

Print and Mount: £4.95

GD Book











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