Hahn Hangouts at Home

I’ve been lucky enough to spend 2 mornings this week ‘hanging out’ with some of my crewbies.

We’ve kinda followed normal protocol of doing a ‘crew check’ in or ‘crew chicken’ as I call it….. ‘roll of eyes from my crew’!

Our ‘chicken’ this morning lead by Tom was ‘what would you want to do next week if there was no lockdown’…….

I was quite surprised by some of the students answers, I thought they would be really dramatic and indulgent but they were things like going to the skate park and visiting grand parents. It’s those things we take for granted that we miss so much.

It was lovely to hear their voices and we’ve decided to do this 3 times a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

It’s so lovely to hear students helping each other by explaining what they do to implement some structure to their day, obviously some are finding studying from home easier than others so it helps to share our experiences.

I feel very lucky to be part of crew Hahn, what a fabulous group of kids I get to ‘hangout’ with!

Have a relaxing weekend everyone, stay safe and be kind…. that includes to yourself!


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