Happy CREW Year!

What a start to 2021!

Welcome back, Crew Maceven if it is online for now!

I can’t even begin to express how happy I am that crew Macmillan have had an absolutely wonderful start to the year! Aside from a couple of internet issues, you’ve all achieved 100% attendance in sessions, and crew – INCREDIBLE. A huge thank you from me, because that means you’re engaged and learning exactly what you need to be during these difficult times. It just proves how awesome you lot are!

The last couple of weeks have highlighted just how resilient our students (and staff!) are, and everyone just seems to have stepped it up a gear, going above and beyond for each other whilst we’re limited to home learning. On Monday this week, Crew took part in Mindful Mondays, and for a bit of positivity, i asked Crew to find a quote that made them smile. This could be for a number of reasons, but positivity breeds positivity, and we found it was a brilliant way to kick our week off. I was very impressed with the maturity of Crew during this task, and take a look for yourselves at some of the quotes they picked out:

On Tuesday, we looked at the start of SLC prep, and the format in which this will take place; we will work on preparing for SLC’s this week. Keep an eye out for dates/how to sign up; SLC’s will be going ahead, albeit slightly differently; they will be online, and I’m sure Crew will have a lot to reflect on from Y10. It’s certainly been a strange year, and it hasn’t half been challenging – but Crew have helped each other up the mountain so far and I’m confident they’ll continue to do so. I can’t wait for them to share their learning and their reflections with parents, too – sharing our stories as we go is so very important!

On Friday morning, we prepared for our DofE presentation of learning. Crew were asked to design a presentation based around some first aid scenarios and explain what they would do in the given situation to demonstrate their knowledge learned this year from our Skills section of the DofE Silver award.

I was highly impressed by the quality of Crew’s presentation and the breadth of their knowledge of First Aid. I’m confident that, should a situation arise whilst on expedition, Crew would be able to deal with it quickly and sensibly. (I’m not sure I’d trust Joe to decide if the Recovery Position or CPR is needed, though!! Haha!) Check out a couple of slides from Crew’s presentation below.











To end our week, we attend a year group community meeting. Here, students and staff can celebrate beautiful work, celebrate our student of the week, and raise any appreciations, apologies or stands they may have. My biggest flex as crew leader is that Crew Macmillan offer appreciations every single week!!

Here are a few of our appreciations this week:

Courtney – “I’d like to appreciate Ricki, because i had to help my mum with something so missed some of the session – Ricki made sure I knew what I was doing and helped me to catch up.” – THAT is Crew, eh!

Milo – “I’d like to appreciate Mr Allen for making lessons accessible and engaging from home!”

Isaac – “I’d like to appreciate X24 students for working as hard from home as they would in school” – I’d echo this; we understand its tricky from home but X24 are showing up and being fantastic EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Frankie – “I’d like to appreciate XP staff for creating engaging lessons online!”

Some members of Crew Macmillan were also highlighted in community meeting for receiving praise from staff this week for their online efforts:

Beautiful work, Crew! Keep it up – you make me more proud every single day! We love ending the week on a positive note, so it’ll be wonderful to see more of these appreciations and more beautiful work next week.

Take care, stay safe, and keep being brilliant!

Miss C x

  1. Mr A Sprakes

    What a fantastic post! Well done Crew Macmillan and the rest of X24. You are showing courage, compassion, craftsmanship and quality in your work and conduct. You are amazing!!!

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