Historians in the making!

Our students in Y10 have been working extremely hard in their History sessions over the past two weeks. We have been learning about different aspects of Viking life in their homelands of Scandinavia, from the food they ate, the houses they lived in and how their social structure impacted their everyday life.

I have been really impressed with their work ethic and contributions to classroom discussion around which aspect of everyday life was the most significant to the survival to Viking society and culture. Here are some snapshots of X26 Admiral working hard and some of the beautiful work produced by X26 Skipper.

Next week, Y10 will be working hard completing their enquiry in to Viking life in the homelands and planning their first formal assessment on the Vikings. If they continue this level of concentration and continue to graft, I am sure they will be very successful and proud of their achievements.

Keep up the great work Y10!

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