It’s been a long time coming, but we’re almost there!

Happy July!  The month that will conclude what has been one of – if not THE – weirdest school year I’ve ever encountered (and my secondary school burnt down when I was in year 11!!!). Crew Macmillan have 2 weeks of year 9 left, and that blows my mind. 

Crew have done themselves – and me – proud during this school year. They’ve worked so hard, and adapted to our ‘new normal’ better than anyone could’ve hoped for.

I thought it’d be quite fitting to take a look at the past year, in which i’ve had the privilege of being Crew Macmillan’s crew leader – big shoes to fill, after Mrs Waterhouse!!

Take a look at our year in action… and Crew, let me know what your favourite memory has been of this year!


Not long to go now – keep up the hard work for the last 2 weeks!

Over & Out – Miss C! x

  1. Emily Nichol

    Blumming heck that was lovely. So nice to see what you’ve all been doing. Unsurprising that made me feel rather emotional . Thanks Miss Cocliff and crew Mcmillan.

    • Melissa Cocliff

      We love a good update in crew Mac – not sure how many of them will kill me for using old pictures though!!!

  2. Kate Robins

    What an absolutely wonderful Blog, thank you for taking the time to put this together. Many happy memories to cherish. Beautiful example of Crew and what it means to be part of it. Best wishes to all Crew Macmillan.

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