It’s Christmas (XP Style)!!!!

How we XP- a stunning Christmas tree created by the 250 XP students IN JUST ONE DAY! Students made a selfless wish for someone else this Christmas, near or far, some of those people they’ve never even met. Stunning wishes ranged from kindness to our planet, to kindness to relatives in hospital…politicians were even shown some kindness (can you imagine)! XP, above all, prides itself on its compassion. You might call it the ‘butterfly effect’- a single butterfly beats its wings and it creates a magnificent ripple, or product in this case.

We’d love you to support our Christmas campaign this year, by bringing in gifts for the Balby Food Bank, which has been especially affected by Doncaster’s recent floods. Foodbanks always need the essentials, but treats at this time of year make the world of difference. Selection boxes, chocolate, new socks, kids gloves- all would be greatly appreciated!

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