January 2021 – Crew Earhart

It’s not been the return to school that any of us expected, but it’s still been fantastic to connect with Crew again this week.

Amongst our topics of conversation and check- ins have been: most fun moment of Christmas (being with Grandparents), favourite present (look at this for compassion – one student actually said she didn’t have one – her favourite present was the one she bought for her Mum!), and of course, what lies ahead in terms of GCSEs.

As well as catching up, Crew have been thinking about next steps, applying for 6th form colleges and apprenticeships too. This shows a level of focus and commitment that will be needed throughout the months to come. Oh, and discovering a few unique jobs and careers for ourselves, via the START computer programme. One Crew member is being channelled into Game Design, whilst I should be a nurse, chemistry teacher or prison guard!

Well done Earhart, we are in a an unusual set of circumstances, but we’ll get through it because WE ARE CREW.

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