March 25th Update: We’re here for you .. we care, the support continues, the plan is working ..

In these challenging times we need to celebrate the good things even more. So here’s the latest update from schools across the Trust.

We understand that all of this can be overwhelming for parents and students.  Whether it’s about staying at home, the change of routine – or for students in school adjusting to being without all of their Crew and friends.

We cannot underline enough that wherever you are you are not alone. Don’t sit on a problem, or worry – however large or small you might think it is. Share it with us.

The Staff across the Trust are here for you all – and each other. Colleagues are and will continue to be supported – and this support will grow and be defined by what is needed most and who needs it most. Day by day.

Staff are doing remarkable work in school and at home. As well as making sure the students are feeling connected, listened to and still part of school, they are extending this warmth and reassurance to all of our school families.

  • Our schools are open
  • Our students are safe with us in school and we’re making regular contact with our students working at home.
  • Our curriculum is online
  • We’re providing meals for our children in school and for children who need them via pick up
  • Our schools will be open over the Easter Holidays for the students who cannot be at home and are currently still with us in school. We are doing this by using coordinated Teams, so that all staff will still have their holiday entitlement.

Please continue to look out for further updates and news. Beautiful work and magic moments are still happening across our schools and we will make sure we share them with you.

Thank you

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