New XP Trust Calendar

Please find below important information related to our school calendar.

Schools across XP Trust (including our Primary and Infant schools) have recently gone through a process to revise our school calendars. The rationale that has underpinned this are three fold:

  1. Shared staff days – We need 10 staff days throughout the year. This is to ensure the quality of our teachers and the quality of our expeditions. We cannot lose these, and we must have them aligned across all school phases. If we don’t have these, we cannot be XP schools.
  2. The calendar must underpin the delivery of learning expeditions. 
  3. All schools in our Trust must have the same holiday pattern, across both Secondary and Primary. Again, this is for our staff to work together across all school phases and develop even further.

The Doncaster Local Authority calendar has moved much closer to XP’s calendar, copying our October two week holiday, so the holiday pattern was only different during February, March, April and May, with only three weeks of difference. Therefore, after modelling various options, we found that the best fit to the above three things for our schools was actually a calendar that best aligned with the Local Authority calendar.

The new calendar can be accessed here.

At this stage it is important to state that we will honour any holidays already booked by parents. 

We welcome feedback from staff, parents and community stakeholders, so please complete this Google form.

For reference:

Original XP Trust Calendar

New XP Trust Calendar


Best wishes, 

Jamie Portman.


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