Miss Robinson – Teacher

Robinson, SophieI studied for a degree in drama at the University of Loughborough. My passion for drama is founded on the belief that the techniques and approaches are a wonderful tool to aid communication and understanding between people. My desire to pursue a career in teaching grew out of my experiences of working with young people whilst at university. When I first visited XP I was astounded by the quality of communication between our staff and students. I believe in the importance of being in touch with our own thoughts and feelings, the need for time and space for deep thinking and a culture of genuine respect, sensitivity and support for one another. If you are reading this with a basic understanding of what XP is about you will appreciate why once I met staff and students at XP I had to come and teach here!

I was delighted to secure a teaching post, and so a matter of months after my first visit I found myself in the Welsh mountains with 11 wonderful young people, battling the elements to put up tents, kayaking down rivers and trekking for a whole day. The experience of bringing my crew together, and beginning the process of building relationships that will enable them to make the most of their five years at XP was simply amazing.

Leading my wonderful crew is challenging on every level and I love it! I am really excited to be journeying with them as we grow, develop and enhance our knowledge and skills together. I am looking forward to leading expeditionary learning and contributing to planning and delivering a curriculum that prepares all our students for university and beyond!

Inspired by my years in Loughborough alongside the best athletes in the UK, I acquired an enjoyment of a high level of fitness that I continue to maintain. In my spare time I am progressing to achieve British Sign Language level 3. I also enjoy spending time with my family, shopping and traveling, in any combination. Earlier this year I visited Cambodia, one of the poorest countries in the world, as a guest of a charity I support. Being welcomed into ordinary homes and sharing in meals with families there was a life-changing experience. In contrast my next planned trip is to Copenhagen.

The culminating event to our staff induction is an Educator-Led Conference, where staff prepare speeches, critiqued by their peers, which answer the guiding question:

“What kind of person, and what kind of educator do I want to be at XP?”

Below is Miss Robinson’s speech: