Mrs Burnitt – Learning Coach

Since leaving university after studying criminology I was unsure which career path I wanted to take and have spent the last few years of my life within a call centre environment. Throughout my time there I started to work within a classroom and realised I thoroughly enjoyed it. Due to this I volunteered at  a local primary school to understand the workings of schools and gain some experience.

I had heard brilliant things about XP school and when I saw the vacancies for learning coaches I knew I had to apply. Luckily I was offered an interview and upon arriving that morning I couldn’t believe how amazing the school was and how articulate the children were.

Since starting the school in June 2017 I have experienced an incredible journey, learning about the workings of school, importance of crew and the ethos of the school.

Within my free time I spend it with my husband and daughter, who thoroughly enjoy being outside.

The culminating event to our staff induction is an Educator-Led Conference, where staff prepare speeches, critiqued by their peers, which answer the guiding questions:

“How have my ideas about teaching and learning changed during this induction process and have I changed as a person during this induction process?”

Below is Mrs Burnitt’s speech: