Mrs Johnson – Learning Coach

Johnson, RuthI left college at the age of 18 after doing a business course. I soon discovered that this was not the path for me. I wanted to work with people, especially young children and young adults. My first job with children, after raising my own, started as a senior lunch time supervisor in a primary school where I worked for four years. This was a job that I took great pleasure in doing but for personal reasons had to acquire full time employment.

This was the start of bigger and better things for me.

I took on employment as a support worker for young adults with severe Autism and special needs. Over the course of ten years I worked my way, through difficult and challenging obstacles, to gain the position of manager. I ran a residential unit for 13 residents and 23 staff. This was a job that was very rewarding for me and I gained several qualifications over the years.

After ten years I decided to take my experience and knowledge and move into another field of care. This led me to work with adults and children within the mental health service across South Yorkshire. I worked with many adolescents in this area, both in Doncaster and across Sheffield, but the position and traveling was physically and mentally draining on myself as a person. I loved my job and it was very rewarding, so was difficult to leave.

I received information about a position at XP school but feared that I would not gain the position as a Learning Coach due to my background being in care. 

My niece is a student at the school and I have seen first hand the amazing way they have built her self confidence and the way that she can take on a challenge. She encouraged me to go ahead and apply. I was fortunate to be offered an interview so grabbed this with both hands. Thankfully I was offered the post of Learning Coach.

I have never looked back from the day that I was first greeted by the wonderful staff at the door on the 6th of November 2015. I feel blessed to be working alongside beautiful students and staff everyday. I can use my natural ability and experience to connect with those students that need the extra support on a 1:1 basis. I work closely with staff to achieve the best outcome for each individual student when they need it. 

My duties as a Learning Coach are to support the students in the classroom setting so they can achieve the best work they can. I support the Senior Learning Coach with the physical education sessions and it is a huge pleasure for me to watch our young adults grow and develop into mature, thoughtful, kind, hard working people.

It fills me with a great deal of pride that I have been lucky, today, to be part of a school that are installing the old values back into the young people of our society, this will help them move forward in the world. So many children are lost as a number in the system. Not at XP. All children at the school have a voice and I love to hear it.

I work hard to give each individual my full attention, when they need it, and will always do so. It is a pleasure to support the students and watch them grow academically and personally into wonderful young adults.