What’s the point in algebra?

In January 2017, the Year 9 (C22) slice was called “Algebracadabra”

The learning targets were :

  • I can represent the laws of Arithmetic
  • I can interpret algebraic expressions
  • I can build and solve linear equations
  • I can solve linear equations in one variable
  • I can classify solutions to systems of equations
  • I can define lines by points, slopes and equations
  • I can model hot and cold

We looked at a series of lessons where the emphasis was on developing mathematical literacy and beginning to understand the purpose behind using algebra as a language to express an understanding of the world.

The lessons began with understanding the mathematical operations and then layering on top the deeper knowledge of algebra.

We built up our skills to be able to generate graphs using different functions, with the end product becoming a piece of mathematical art, generated by the geogebra package.

The expedition culminated when we presented our models to our parents in a celebration of learning.

These are some of our posters.

All resources relating to this expedition can be found below:

Final Product – Posters & Equations