How did Neilson, Boyce and Salmon kill Lee Freeman, and how do we prove it?

In term 4 of 2017/18, the year 9 C22 expedition was CSI Doncaster,

The learning targets were :

  • I can work systematically to gather and interpret evidence
  • I can analyse and compare evidence
  • I can explain how blood is transported around the body
  • I can make conclusions and present findings

Students watched an episode of the TV fictional detective Sherlock for immersion to show the contrast between make believe and detective work in the real world.

During the expedition the “murder” scenario was introduced which was written alongside Chief Detective Superintendent Richard Kerman. This established a sense of realism to the detective and forensic work and added authenticity to the expedition.

An in depth discussion of the pathology with a Surgeon of Maxiofacial surgery Mr Pete Brotherton was also part of this experience which led the narrative of the closing weeks of the expedition, as students tested and located evidence. They completed a blood test and a blood splatter pattern analysis as part of this process in their attempt to find evidence to convict the suspects.

Students then produced an MG3A form which is the official title of the form used when convicting a non guilty plea. They had to fill in the form with our summarised evidence of the case in preparation for presentation to the final expert, a barrister, in the hope of conviction.

The expedition culminated with a presentation of learning in front of parents and experts sharing the evidence that they had collected for the case.

All resources relating to this expedition can be found below:

Expedition Posts

Final Product – MG3A and Presentation of findings

This expedition was also completed in 2016 with C21 students creating MG3A forms which is the official title of the form used when convicting a non guilty plea.

Example of Presentation of evidence

C21 Final Product – Example MG3A forms

[gview file=”https://cdn.realsmart.co.uk/8fcb5ef6413072ba30cbe25fbf839dfb/uploads/2016/08/MG3AbyAbbieOliviaJamesLyleandMary.pdf”] [gview file=”https://cdn.realsmart.co.uk/8fcb5ef6413072ba30cbe25fbf839dfb/uploads/2016/08/MG3AbyChloeEmilyDaltonColeSabaa.pdf”]