Do you sea what I see?

How Changeable is Nature?

In term 4 of 2018, the Year 8 (C23) expedition was called “Do you sea what I see?”.

The learning targets were :

  • I can read, understand and respond to texts using quotations to support interpretations.
  • I can analyse the language, form and structure used by a writer to create meanings
  • and effects, using relevant subject terminology where appropriate.
  • I can discuss the impact of coastal erosion on the Holderness Coast.
  • I can calculate average speed from distance time graphs.
  • I understand the angle properties of triangles and quadrilaterals.
  • I understand how to use three figure bearings in a variety of situations.
  • I can represent wave characteristics in different types of waves and relate them to their properties.
  • I can describe the electromagnetic spectrum in terms of its component waves
  • I can exhibit the principles and aesthetics of waves in nature.

Students studied four main case studies looking at how Science, Maths, Geography and Literature tackle the idea of waves. This involved a study of scenes from The Tempest, and themed poetry. The geography of wave action and erosion, the effects of wave power, peaks and troughs from both a science and mathematical perspective as well as emotional waves and the push back from this.

An expert from the South Yorkshire Police, Jon Musk spoke to students about his experiences dealing with the aftermath of the tsunami inspiring them to form our own poems based on his experiences, fieldwork and immersion along the coast.

Fieldwork was carried out at two coastal locations Hornsea and Flamborough Head, this enabled students to see the diverse local coastal landscapes and study how the waves and water leaves a different imprint on the environment.  As a result of their learning, they created a poem based on the literature studied and inspired by the coastal environments visited during fieldwork. Alongside this in X-Block they studied a range of artists and used images taken during fieldwork as inspiration for a art installation within the heart of the school.

The expedition culminated in a Presentation of Learning at The Point, Doncaster where students presented their poetry to parents as part of a poetry slam as well as  discussing waves and erosion, wave power and the power of waves, whether literal, physical or emotional, in their everyday lives.

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