Get Up Stand Up!

Do actions speak louder than words?

In the Spring of 2016 the Year 8 Humanities and Arts expedition was called ‘Get up! Stand up!’.

The learning targets were :

  • I can discuss the causes of prejudice and the consequences it has
  • I can analyse and make connections between characters, ideas and plot in a challenging text
  • I can use standard english accurately in my written responses
  • I can deliver a speech for a specific audience
  • I can present my speech to a live audience

Year 8 students Immersion was a visit to the House of Parliament in London where they had a tour and met Doncaster MP and Chief Whip Rosie Winterton.

The first case students were given an overview of World War one, the Treaty Of Versailles and why these lead to World War two.  Foundations were made by the students in their understanding of World War two, Adolf Hitler and the persecution of Jewish people.

Students were introduced to two boxers Max Schmeling and Joe Lewis, they read an extract from In Black and White by Donald McRae which told students about the prejudice faced by both boxers and the impact for both their communities if they lost the fight.

The second case study was Civil rights in America with a focus on the persecution of the Black community by the white community under the Jim Crow Laws.  Students focused on the main acts of the civil rights movement which include: the Montgomery Bus Boycott, The Greensboro Sit ins and the Selma to Montgomery walks. Students were introduced to Martin Luther King and why he targeted certain towns to get the Media attention by using nonviolent tactics.

In their third case study students analysed different speeches and their literary devices.

Whilst doing this Case Studies students studied the text Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred D Taylor.

The students wrote a speech, which they were assessed on, on one of the following topics, The right to an Education, The right to not be discriminated against and The right to be protected from conflict and cruelty.  Students then selected a one minute segment of their speech which they then performed in front of a live audience which consisted of their parents.

All resources relating to this expedition can be found below:

Expedition Post

Houses of Parliament Visit

Final Product – Examples of speeches from the COL