Keep On Moving

Do we need language to shape visual art?

The year 8 slice was called Keep On Moving.

The learning targets for Art were :

  • I can analyse a specific piece of artwork.
  • I can use a range of techniques to record my observations.
  • I can use different media to explore my ideas.
  • I can produce a piece influenced by my artist.

The learning targets in English were:

  • I can construct a poem using poetic devices and powerful language
  • I can use standard english accurately in my written responses

As part of the immersion students watched Disney’s Fantasia before looking at the work of Kandinsky. They then created their own pieces of artwork listening to various styles of music inspired by Kandinsky.

The first case study was in Art where students chose one of three artists Alasdair Banks, Franz Marc, William Turner or John Constable. They analysed their chosen piece of work to be able to understand their style and technique. Students then found an image before experimenting with different materials to develop their understanding of the style of the artist and form their own ideas. 

In the second case study students studied the work of Ted Hughes analysing the poems ‘The Horses’ and ‘Wind’.

They produced a piece of artwork in the style of their chosen artist and a figurative poem to go alongside it. These became the main assessed pieces.

It will cumulate in a celebration of learning where the artwork will be displayed for invited guests to see. An ebook with also be produced showing students artwork and poem.

All resources relating to this expedition can be found below:

Expedition Posts

Example artwork

Example Poetry

Final Product – Ebook

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