How can we best represent the values of a community through a crafted product?

In Spring 2018 the Year 10 Class of 2021 expedition was “Kraftwerk”.

The learning targets were :

  • I can use materials and resources to develop my craft skills and techniques
  • I can synthesise enterprise ideas and use them to market my craft product
  • I can research, develop and adapt ideas for a specific brief
  • I can plan, make and evaluate a craft product
  • I can choose an appropriate unit of measure for the task at hand
  • I can calculate the Area of different shapes
  • I can use a compass and protractor to create different shapes
  • I can analyse whether an object and its image are congruent or similar
  • I can write with impact for a specific audience and purpose (an engaging article)
  • I can use a range of vocabulary and sentence structures for clarity, purpose and effect, with accurate spelling and punctuation

The work in this expedition allowed students to gain a Level 2 V-Cert qualification in Creative Studies whilst fulfilling an authentic product brief.

Students began the expedition by working with Sheffield Hallam University students who helped them to explore different craft skills.  They then worked on their own projects, experimenting with craft skills and recording what they produced in a portfolio. Students were able to build their skills through drafting and experimentation.

Students also considered the business opportunities and economic impact of their work by costing their products and investigating ways to market them.

They were set a design brief by Club Doncaster Foundation, the organisation that will run our new community Sports Hall, to “produce a creative craft product that will help to promote the new Sports Hall opening in August 2018.  It must reflect the combined values and character traits of both Club Doncaster and the XP Trust whilst also appealing to the wider community.”

In their English studies students were asked to produce a lively article about their creative studies and their final product. These were submitted to the local Arts magazine Doncopolitan with a view to one of them being published in the magazine.

To support their creative studies, in Maths session students completed work around the concept of shape and space. Students covered the following areas; measures, circumference and area, constructions and loci and congruence and similarities.

The expedition culminated in a Presentation of Learning which took the form of a marketplace where students talked to parents and guests about their crafted work and the design process that informed their final product. A wider audience for all of the craft products was considered and work is now underway to allow the products to be curated in XP East.

All resources relating to this expedition can be found below:

Final Product

Photos will appear here shortly