Make a stand

When is it important to make a stand, and why?

In Spring 2017 students in Year 7 studied exclusively a Humanities and Arts expedition called Make a Stand.  Students had to answer the guiding question

The learning targets were :

  • I can cite references from text to support my views
  • I can analyse slavery in the 18th Century using the lens of cause and effect.
  • I can write a speech using literary / rhetorical devices
  • I can use standard english accurately in my written responses
  • I can deliver a speech for a specific audience

The Immersion for this expedition was a visit to the Houses of Parliament in London where they saw first hand where MPs make stands on a daily basis for the rights of people in the UK.

The first case study is studying the key text ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee.  We focused in particular on the character of Tom Robinson focusing on the injustice of Tom Robinson when he is clearly innocent and has been proven beyond reasonable doubt.  As part of reading TKAMB the character Atticus Finch was another focus for the students as the man who chooses to defended Tom Robinson despite society’s thoughts and the fact he feels it is important to for him to be defended.

The second case study was for students to investigate the history of the Slave Trade and the impact it had on the people of Africa.  Students learnt about the slave trade, in particular the kidnap of people from the villages, the middle passage, slave auctions and life as a slave.

Students also focused on the Trade Triangle and Britain’s involvement in this.

In the third case study students analysed a number of different speeches to learn how different literary devices are used.  This has then supported their understanding so they were able to produce a speech on one of the following topics:

  • Everyone has the right to an education
  • All elderly people have the right to be treated fairly
  • Everyone has the right to vote
  • Everyone has the right to be safe

Students then took a section of this speech which they presented to an authentic audience in a Celebration of Learning. 

All resources relating to this expedition can be found below:

Expedition Posts

Final product – Scarlett, Zack and Chandni performing extracts from their speeches

C21 Make a stand Final Product

C21 also completed this expedition in 2015 with the final product of writing a speech to give at their Celebration of Learning.

This booklet is a collection of the speeches produced by C21 students…

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