Rock On!

How is geodiversity important to Doncaster?

In Autumn 2015, the Year 7 expedition for STEM was called “Rock on!”.

The learning targets were :

  • I can record my thoughts and ideas in a scientific journal
  • I can give values for the perimeter and outcrop sizes at geo-sites to a reasonable degree of accuracy
  • I can explain how the rock cycle relates to the ground beneath my geo-site

Students began the learning expedition by visiting a site of scientific interest in South Elmsall which contains one of the best preserved examples of ancient reef domes in all of Yorkshire, then carrying out a BBK protocol using a text about William Smith, the father of modern geology.

Students have looked at a range of geo-sites in Doncaster, including our school site, Warmsworth Park, Cedar Road in Balby and Barnburgh cliff. They carried out fieldwork alongside geological experts at each site, looking at the bedrock and superficial deposits in detail, as well as taking measurements of the dimensions of each site.

They have written a site-report for the school building in advance of construction and a website has been built to detail our findings about the other geological sites around Doncaster so that it can be used by other people who want to know about Doncaster’s rich geological history.

Students presented their learning to parents and visitors including the expedition’s experts, showing them the writing that they had done and demonstrating their new knowledge of the rock cycle.

All resources relating to this expedition can be found below:

Expedition Posts

Final Product – Website

C21 Rock On!

C21 also completed this expedition in 2014/15 with their final product being Site Reports. Take a look at their final products…

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