Something Better Change!

Were there any glimmers in the Dark Ages?

In Spring 2016, the Year 7 expedition was called “Something Better Change 2”.

The learning targets were :

  • I can describe the structure and main areas of a Medieval building
  • I can discuss how religion was important in daily life during Medieval times
  • I can draw inferences from Historical sources
  • I can interpret different texts about crime and punishment in Medieval times
  • I can analyse the social and economic consequences of the Black Death
  • I can describe the cause and consequences of the 100 Years War
  • I can compare a fictional work (film) about Joan to the historical interpretation (book) of her life

Students studied a range of different themes from the Medieval period including the introduction of the judicial system, how Medieval buildings were built and used and the changes in medicine through the increasing knowledge of the body during the time of the Black Death.

Alongside the work around the changes during the Medieval period students also investigated the relationship between England and France. The life of and impact of Joan of Arc was studied through the reading of the factional novel ‘Sparrow’ and watching the film ‘Joan of Arc’. 

The High Sheriff of Sheffield was invited as an expert, sharing his thoughts and views on law and order during the Medieval Period, as well as starting the expedition by carrying out fieldwork to Barley Hall a Medieval townhouse in York.

As a result of this research, students wrote two essays one looking the consequences of the Black Death on Britain and the other comparing the portrayal of Joan of Arc in both the film and a novel based on her life.

The expedition culminated through the creation of artwork based on the Book of Kells, students studied and recreated illuminated letters for each letter of the alphabet.

All resources relating to this expedition can be found below:

Expedition Posts

Mott and Bailey Castle Designs

Barley Hall Fieldwork

Final Product – Card Design Examples:

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