Race for the Prize

It’s been a busy week for Crew JNI with lots of news!

Before lockdown, each crew in X26 were in the middle of a competition. The competition was to see which crew could get the best overall praise and attendance… COMBINED! It was a big one…. The winners would receive some money to be able to take a mini-day out somewhere, wherever they wanted.

Now, before the competition was over and the winning crew decided, all crews were neck and neck. It was an incredibly close call. One week we’d hear, “Crew EJN are in the lead!” The next, “Crew MRO are in the lead!” Another, “Crew SHA are in the lead!” And obviously sometimes a, “Crew JNI are in the lead!”

It was a tense few months as everyone in crew JNI raced for the prize. Just as we were coming back into the lead again, we were plunged into lockdown, and mystery surrounded the whole competition. Who was the winner? Who had received the most praise points? When were we going to find out?

These were just some of the many, many, MANY questions asked by students in Crew JNI, so when the final figures were in last week, I breathed a sigh of relief: the Winner is:


(pause for dramatic effect)…



Well done to everyone in Crew JNI for trying really hard with that competition! I am very proud to lead a crew that works so hard, gets smart and is kind at every turn —


Now as you might’ve already noticed, there are lots of letters being thrown around when crew are identified, and that’s because lockdown has also prevented us from undergoing the Official XP Process of Naming the Crew. We’ve already had lots of ideas so far, and the two current standouts are Greta Thunberg, climate activist, and Harriet Tubman, ex-slave who freed herself and then fought for the emancipation of others.

Crew members that would like to offer an idea for someone to name our crew after need to think of somebody who embodies our characters traits of: Respect, Craftsmanship & Quality, Courage, Integrity, and above all, Compassion. You then need to make a presentation to explain why you think our crew should be named after that person and present it to the rest of us on Google Hangout.

Any questions, then please send me an email!

So to finish of, I just want to present some beautiful work that has been produced by Crew JNI over the last week or so, around the theme of nature:

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