Revision STEM

Year 7 ! Heads up about the test tomorrow this is what is on it: Decide where you will need help

I have put some questions on I am Learning about the periodic table to help. Log in to XP website and go to my apps, I am learning.
Solids, Liquids and gases
– spacing of particles, can they be compressed, can particles flow, how are the particles arranged, how do they move, bonds.
– Identify pictures
– How do gases move through the air (how does a smell waft from the lovely cakes to your nose)
Convection Current (explain the hot and cold water experiment)
Heating the Steel rod Experiment – what happens to the particles
Endothermic process
Exothermic process
Elements, atoms, compound molecules, mixtures.

Maths (TBL):
Calculate the nutritional value of a meal
Plot graph
Planning your cooking time
Volume of a cuboid and cylinder
Radius, Circumference and diameter

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