Rock On! Exam Revision Exercises on I am Learning.

All students now have revision exercises set to help them to revise the STEM end of expedition exam. All students should aim to complete the exercises by Sunday 4th January.

The test will be on the following learning targets:

  • I can describe the large scale structure of the Earth.
  • I can explain how rocks change over time
  • I can define keywords associated with the water cycle.
  • I can describe how water moves through the Don River basin
  • I can differentiate between weather and climate.
  • I can analyse the risk of flooding to the school site.
  • I can use division to find out data averages.
  • I can calculate the area and perimeter of compound shapes.

On return to school, students will be given their books to take home later in the week to revise. In the meantime they can revise by doing one of the following:

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 15.15.04 Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 15.15.17

  1. Log into “I am learning” from the Apps link at the top of the page once they logged into the school website. From the home screen, students should click on the calendar to access homework tasks.
  2. Log into “MyMaths” and complete the homework tasks set based on area of 2D shapes, division and means.

Happy new year!

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