Spanish and Spanish+ Groups – Changes to the Curriculum for X23 and X24

Dear Parents

After the October holiday we are going to split Spanish in both Y9 and Y10 into two groups. One group will continue to work towards their GCSE Spanish whilst the other group will take a course in ‘Global Citizenship’ that will involve the study of Entry Level Spanish, which will be certified by the school, alongside a Citizenship GCSE. 

Spanish is part of our core curriculum and it is imperative that all students study a language at Key Stage 4. We feel this change will better suit the needs of students and will ensure that those who don’t continue with Spanish GCSE still have an experience of language study whilst having the opportunity to attempt another GCSE.

You will receive a letter indicating the allocated group for your son/daughter by the end of the week. If you want to discuss the groupings further, don’t hesitate to contact me or Mrs Sprakes/Mr Pearson at school.

I will also be holding an informal briefing on Thursday 17 October at XP School starting at 5.30pm and ending at 6.15pm to answer any questions you might have about the changes. 

Best wishes and thank you for your continuing support.

Andy Sprakes

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