E29 Explorer Demonstrating their understanding of Macbeth!

In class today E29 Explorer got to grips with the plot of Act 2, Scene 2 Macbeth. Working hard and pairing up to deepen their understanding of the shift in power between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth! It was lovely to see everyone getting involved and fully immersing themselves in the play!
Two groups performed and modelled exceptional acting for the rest of the class! Well done all involved! Miss Wilkinson

X28 – POL Rehearsal and Assessment Fixing!

Year 8 Students have been working incredibly hard this week. After receiving assessment feedback, all of X28 has had the opportunity to improve their history assessments by responding to critique and improving their work. To finish their week, year 8 have started full rehearsals for their Macbeth production. Have a look at their awesome work! Amazing, hard work across all of year 8!