XP Outdoors

We are delighted to share some remarkable insights into the impact of XP Outdoor sessions since their integration into our Crew curriculum.

It’s truly heartening to witness how these sessions have not only provided valuable support to students in various ways but have also presented challenges that contribute to their growth.

As we embark on this journey, we are committed to building our community through activism, leadership, and equity, sharing our stories as we go—all of which aligns seamlessly with the goal of fostering meaningful relationships.

We have a wonderful opportunity to work with Instincts Training. An educational program which address the issue of anti-social behaviour, covering topics such as violence, harassment, misogyny, and consent. These courses are specifically crafted to explain the reasons why it is crucial for individuals to steer clear of these paths that may lead to criminal behaviour.

Moving into Term 2b – XP Outdoor sessions and Instincts Training will work together on the following workshops.

Please get in touch with Emma Watson – [email protected] or Angella Parker – [email protected] for further information or if you have any questions.

XPD Outdoors -Fire Pit ✔️ Hot Chocolate ✔️ S’mores ✔️ Laughter & Smiles ✔️

The weather is warming up (ish)- this can only mean one thing! We are back out and about doing awesome outdoor activities.

What an amazing session we had – Sitting round the campfire, sipping hot chocolate and eating s’mores. This was the first time making s’mores for some students, each of them really enjoyed taking on the challenge not to burn the marshmallow – it’s a fine art to get it just perfect! 

Here we are revisiting norms and expectations, practising fire lighting, enjoying spending time together, taking part in an old favourite shopping list game and de-gunging at the end. 

Mondays are the best days!

Engineering a greenhouse

Engineering students from XP and XP East in year 10 are working on a project for XP Outdoors. Commissioned by Mrs Watson and sponsored by Costain, the students are building greenhouse covers for our outdoor planters. The students have planned all the work themselves and are making use of the timber provided by Costain to build the frames. They’re hoping to have them constructed and in place before Christmas.