Thanks to Tracy!

Tonight was Tracy Wain’s final event as Chair of FXP. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tracy personally and on behalf of all of our students and their families for her tireless work in raising funds for our students.

This year, FXP have helped to raise money for 2 drum kits, amps, e-books for DofE, and this is in no small part down to Tracy and her dedicated team.

Tracy will still be helping out, but will be handing over the reins as chair.

Thank you Tracy for everything you have done!


As always, we would welcome any additional support that parents can give, even if just for one night a year. Please click on the link to FXP’s pages or their Facebook page to see how you could help or send the team a message.

  1. Tracy Wain

    Thank you very much Martin for your kind words, It has been a real honour.
    After helping out with FXP for a year the position of chair became available I thought I would put myself forward (after all I had nothing to lose) and was surprised to be voted in.
    The role took me way out of my comfort zone, I’m not one for the limelight and much prefer to be in the background doing. But was inspired by the Kids and school ethos.
    It has been a challenging two years, with many highs and lows. The role has given me the opportunity to get to work alongside the Kids, Teachers and Parents.
    With the privilege of helping out serving T&C at the PoL, CoL and Talent Nights, I have managed to see the amazing work the kids have been doing and it has blown my mind on many occasion.

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