This week, we met Ziggy and Cooper!

Bec and Hayley were crowned quiz champions again this week! Everyone appreciated my really cool, down with the kids questions about Marvel and YouTubers. HA!

Ziggy and Cooper made an appearance, I’ve heard so much about Stevie’s beloved cats this year it was lovely to finally meet your feline friends. They are a pair beauties (only 2 of 8 may I add!).

Here’s Cooper

Here’s Ziggy (ace name! Does he play guitar? Soz, bad Bowie joke there)

Well done to Bec and Bob, I have received an email from your Spanish teacher about the hard work you’ve been putting in.
L, again keeping on top of things as well as Hubert and Lily. Music to my ears.
Hayley, brilliant to see you have joined the HUMAN expedition Google Hnagout this week, showing real commitment there. Now, lets get some of that work handed in 🙂

Hubert and Bec have been baking Zebra cake and makings pizzas this week, very professional shots as well:

Bec’s delicious pizzas!

Before and after. This cake looks incredible!! YUMMY!)

Here’s a few pics of our Crews work this week from your Google classrooms. Some of you are really working hard and getting smart.

Lovely to see you all.
We are still Crew, don’t forget that!

Mrs Hannam 🙂

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