Update in Year 11

Dear Parents and Families of students in Year 11, 


Our student-led conferences are in full swing and our students have been busy preparing and delivering their reflections on their progress to date and their intentions for the remainder of the year. There have been some wonderful, mature and thoughtful examples of students in Year 11 leading their own learning and making pledges on what they still need to do. By now Crew Leaders have made contact with you to organise a time and date, and if you have not yet done so I encourage you to respond to messages from Crew Leaders so that we can give all of our students the opportunity to share their work and learning with you. Your support is as vital as ever and we would love for you to attend your child’s SLC. There is also an opportunity for you to ask any of your own burning questions about your child’s progress. 


Whilst the onset of the lockdown has changed our planned schedule for key dates such as mock exams and addressing specific concerns around student progress, we are now in a position to begin our lockdown version of this and will be offering some students some additional layers of support. This may look different for different students and in different subjects, but should there be any areas of concern regarding your child’s progress, you’ll be contacted soon to discuss how we’d like to address this in line with our ‘Narrative for Success’, where we ask; are our students safe, able to engage, attending, working hard, getting smart and being kind, and achieving academically? 


As it stands, we have no further update to provide on the shape of final assessments and how grades will be formed other than to say that the joint consultation led by the Deparment for Education and Ofqual has now closed and that we expect full guidance to be published within the next few weeks. As soon as we do know anything further, we’ll inform you as promptly as possible as this will in turn inform our plans for the rest of the year. 


At this point, I’d like to thank you all for your unwavering support in getting our students online, getting them learning and getting them to the top of the mountain. At 6 weeks into online learning, we know its getting tougher for some but I’m incredibly proud of our students and their work ethic so far. We’re not giving up, we’ve got it all to play for. Together, we’ll make sure our young people receive the grades they deserve. We are Crew. 


As always, if there are any questions or queries please feel free to contact your child’s Crew Leader or myself directly at mvoltaire@xpschool.org


Best wishes, 

Mr Voltaire

Assistant Principal of Y10 and Y11

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